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Mango Tree Photos Gallery
For information, reservation or carry out please call 513 271 0809. 
beautiful mango flowers
Khao Soi Tofu
Sushi of your choice
Duck noodle soup
Sushi for your party
Ultimate California Roll
Tiger Roll
Mango Tree Sashimi Salad
Mango Tree Roll
Crispy Duck
Green Curry
Mochi ice cream
Sushi up!
Beer & Wine available
Catering for your party
Febuary 2013, opening soon.
Red Curry
Thank you for your support.
Fire Cracker Roll
Thai Chicken Wings
Sushi Lunch Bento Box
Your Togo is ready for pick up
Thai Spicy Lunch Bento Box
Masaman Bento Box
Tom Yum Noodle
Sushi Bento Box B
Top Quality Eel
Spider Roll
Thai Iced Tea
Thai Bento Box with Noodle
More seatings at our patio
Fresh Salmon, anyone?
Khao Soi Gai (chicken)
Beautiful Tuna Roll
Country Style Chicken Basil (Thai Street Food)
Spicy Tuna cocktail
Sushi Bento Box